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Eriez provides hundreds of products to more than 80 industries.  You will find Eriez solutions at work in industries that range from food to pharmaceutical; coal mining to mineral beneficiation; pulp and paper to rubber and plastics; ceramics to aggregates; foundries to textile; recycling to primary metals; industrial minerals to stone, clay and glass; tobacco to chemical; packaging to industrial machinery; power generation to coal processing; fabrication to automotive; transportation to lifting and rigging; and many more.

One fact is constant across all of these diverse industries:  Eriez provides solutions that help to maintain the integrity of products, protect downstream equipment, improve efficiencies and provide more profits in a competitive landscape.

Education is a major aspect of Eriez’ commitment to problem-solving.  Through the establishment of Orange University and the many programs that are found under this umbrella, Eriez educates customers and specific industries about the products and services we provide.  We tailor our education programs for the companies that request our help.

Plant audits bring the eyes and ears of a factory-trained Eriez representative to your plant to determine the best solutions to your toughest challenges. (Contact us for more information.)

Finally, our Technical Center evaluates your materials samples so we can provide guidance on the best equipment and systems to address your unique needs.  Our Technical Center is the most complete magnetic, vibratory and metal detection testing facility in the world.

Eriez will help you design or select the most effective and economical way to convey, screen, inspect or separate your products or materials.  And, when your system is in place, we’ll be right there with the equipment and back-up service and education you need.

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