Eriez offers a complete line of equipment for use in glass manufacturing and recycling.  Our high intensity Magnetic Separators, and Metal Detectors and answer industry’s demand for higher purity glass. For improved material feeding and handling, look to our innovative Vibratory Equipment.

Eriez Magnetic Separators remove ferrous metals from your products and process to ensure ultimate purity and provide equipment protection.  High Intensity Dry Magnetic Separators assist in the purification or concentration of weakly magnetic materials. Drum Separators collect fine ferromagnetic and paramagnetic materials.  Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filters remove fine ferrous contaminants from dry powder.  Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separators are most effective for high capacity, continuous removal or concentration of feebly magnetic material.

Eriez Vibratory Feeders/Screeners are used in the glass industry for feeding materials in a controlled manner to ensure the most productive operation.  The Eriez advantage means maximum control with maximum throughput while feeding or conveying in the most difficult atmosphere.

Eriez Metal Detectors are offered in a variety models and designs to suit your specific application requirements.  These rugged, yet highly sensitive instruments are designed to detect ferrous and nonferrous metallics in a variety of bulk materials.  They are typically used as a final purity check for materials such as glass cullet and recycled plastics.

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