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The Technical Center at Eriez World Headquarters is the most complete laboratory facility of its type anywhere in industry.  Adjacent to the Eriez World Headquarters in Erie, Pennsylvania, the lab has over 100 types of permanent magnetic, electromagnetic, vibratory, screening and electronic metal detecting equipment.  This equipment separates, concentrates, moves, feeds, detects and recovers a wide variety of materials.  Since it first went into operation in 1964, the Eriez Technical Center has conducted application tests numbering in the tens of thousands on all types of materials and processes.



The Technical Center receives product samples from all over the world, for Eriez engineers and technicians to determine the most efficient and profitable ways for customers to process or handle materials to obtain the desired results. Samples range from coffee beans, cocoa and salt, to lampblack, crushed flashlight batteries, incinerator refuse and iron ore.



If you have a material that should be tested or evaluated to determine potential use, characteristics, best handling procedures or best product yields, Eriez Technical Center personnel can probably help you. They offer a unique combination of technical expertise, plus access to the latest testing equipment.



Visual inspection of the sample and the results of short tests generate enough data to make a general assessment of the sample submitted. Basic assessment includes a statement of the type or types of equipment that may be required, and an estimation of whether the material can be treated successfully. If a positive assessment of the sample is made, Eriez may recommend additional testing, which would define more completely the material's separation or handling characteristics.  These data may substitute for pilot testing or limit the scale-up testing required.




A thorough laboratory study defines the material characteris­tics of the sample. The sample undergoes the minimum number of tests required to determine the best equipment and operating parameters. Special equipment modifications may be determined.



Testing a large sample confirms the data obtained by small scale testing. This testing may also provide final scale-up data required for an industrial installation. Due to the integrated nature of such testing, Eriez may recommend that pilot plant testing be performed at the client's plant site. In such instances, arrangements can be made to rent Eriez test equipment and to have Eriez technical personnel on hand to assist with the testing.



Visual evaluation is often all that is required for an assay. Because of heavy test volumes and the variety of materials encountered, Eriez normally returns samples to customers so they can conduct their own assays. When required, independent laboratories can be contracted to perform assays. The Technical Center also performs sieve analyses and Davis Tube analyses.



In some cases, a client will want a more detailed study of the process. This type of investigation usually requires Eriez to consult with outside experts in unit operations not supplied by Eriez. Therefore, such an investigation is generally undertaken on a contract basis only.



Eriez invests heavily in equipment and technical personnel to make its Technical Center the best and most complete laboratory of its kind. A nominal fee from customers helps Eriez maintain the most up-to-date facilities and services, and recover some of the costs involved in the performance of each test.  From time to time, Eriez adjusts the fee to reflect current costs, and therefore, Eriez sales representatives discuss the fee with customers on an individual basis.  In cases where the service requested is complex, or where extenuating circumstances are involved, the fee will be negotiated.



Eriez encourages customers to visit the Technical Center, not only to see the results of the testing but to participate in the actual testing procedures. On-site participation assures accurate interpretation of test reports, and provides the opportunity to discuss any specialized procedures necessary for customer samples. Click here for a Google Map of Eriez at 2200 Asbury Road.



The Eriez sales organization, through its network of subsidiaries and representatives, normally provides the initial liaison between prospective clients and the Technical Center. These magnetic, vibratory and metal detection specialists can elaborate on available services and furnish the necessary details for submitting samples or arranging for a visit to the lab in Erie. Click here for the name of the Eriez representative in your area.


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